Eastern Command Order No. 173 Dated 14 April 1941


  Number   Rank   Name   Regiment
    Captain   Johnston, DAS   Salvage Training Corps
    RSM   Harrison, A   MP (CFB)

Gallant Conduct and Devotion to Duty

  Number   Rank   Name   Regiment
    2nd/Lieut   Bentley, JH   General List
    2nd/Lieut   Downie, J   General List
    2nd/Lieut   Joseph, A   General List
    2nd/Lieut   Sachs, Lionel   General List
    2nd/Lieut   Smith, William, R   General List
  761324   Sgt   Cochrane, David   Pioneer Corps
  5722111   Sgt   Lloyd, David   Command Fire Brigade
  1027144   Sgt   Miller, Fred   RA
  2183565   Bdr   Noble, William, Arthur   RA
  809310   Bdr   Swales   RA